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Digital Identity and Data Fraud

Digital Identity and Data Fraud

15th November 2017

The work of the APGDA has focussed on the great technological leaps in big data that are opening new opportunities, or increasing the efficiency of old systems. However, there is understandable public concern when it comes to sharing personal information with corporations without a clear description of how it will be used.

Balancing these concerns is critical for the data analytics sector, as they must maintain a public “licence to operate” through behaviour in the public sphere which increases trust in these technologies.

Many organisations are looking at the ways that data-driven technologies can increase their transparency when dealing with members of the wider public. The introduction of such systems could make cyber space safer for consumers, but devising and implementing such a standards can be difficult, as it will have to comply simultaneously with high data protection, convenience and safety. The APGDA event on Digital Identity and Data Fraud is therefore an important platform for practitioners, law makers and privacy groups to exchange their view on the subject.

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